GB 50374-2006 通信管道工程施工及驗收規范 (英文版)

1.0.1 This code was formulate in order to adapt to the requirements of the construction of modern city and the development of information, guarantee the materials, construction and final acceptance indexes of the construction of information communication conduit and channel engineering meeting the design requirements.

1.0.2 This code is the technical base for the such works as the construction, supervision, follow-up acceptance, final acceptance (including preliminary acceptance and final acceptance) and compilation of completion document of the communication conduit engineering.

1.0.3 This code applies to the construction and acceptance of the constructed, extended and renovated communication conduit engineering.

1.0.4 In the construction of communication conduit engineering, only the approved products meeting the relevant national technical standards can be adopted. Equipments that have not yet accepted in the inspection of the relevant national product quality supervision and inspection mechanism shall not be used in the engineering.

1.0.5 In the construction of communication conduit engineering, the new processes and new technologies shall be adopted positively in order to improve the construction quality and reduce the construction cost.

1.0.6 The final acceptance of communication conduit engineering shall be done according to the legal procedures of engineering acceptance; the contents and requirements of the final acceptance shall be implemented according to those specified in this code.

The contents, if any discovered not conforming to this code or the relevant regulations and being caused by the construction organization during the follow-up inspection and final acceptance, shall be repaired by the construction organization till they are qualified.

1.0.7 The construction of communication conduit and channel shall not only implement this code, but also shall be in accordance with those specified in the current relevant national standards and codes.