GB 50370-2005 氣體滅火系統設計規范 (英文版)

1.0.1 This Standard has been worked out for the purpose of designing gas fire extinguishing systems reasonably, reducing fire damage, and protecting the safety of human body and properties.

1.0.2 This code applies to the design on total flooding extinguishing systems of hepta- fluoropropane, mixed gas IG541, and condensed fire extinguishing aerosol.

1.0.3 Design of gas fire extinguishing systems shall comply with the national guiding principles and policies, and be safe, technologically advanced, economic and reasonable.

1.0.4 Products and components of the system applied according to the design must be in accordance with national standards and regulations.

1.0.5 Besides complying with this standard, the design of gas fire extinguishing systems shall also comply with other relevant current national standards.