GB 50369-2006 油氣長輸管道工程施工及驗收規范 (英文版)

1 General Provisions

1.0.1 This standard is formulated with a view to improving the construction level of long-distance oil and gas pipeline, ensuring pipeline engineering quality and reducing engineering cost.

1.0.2 This standard is applicable to construction and acceptance of new, rebuilt and extended land oil and natural gas long-distance pipeline, gas pipeline, and products pipeline engineering.

This standard is not applicable construction and acceptance of process pipes in oil and gas long-distance station. oil and gas field gathering pipeline, urban fuel gas distribution pipe network, oil & gas pipeline in industrial enterprise, reconstruction of oil & gas pipeline that has been put into operation, and overhaul engineering.

1.0.3 The pipeline engineering construction covers Construction Preparation, acceptance of Materials and pipe auxiliaries, delivery-receiving stake and survey takingoff, operation yard Preparation and road construction, transport and storage of Materials and anti-corrosion pipe, pipe ditch excavation, pipe laying and on-site edge preparation, pipe orifice assembly, welding and acceptance, pipeline anti-corrosion and insulation engineering , pipeline ditching and backfill, pipeline crossing engineering and laying in one ditch, pigging, diameter measurement and pressure test , gas pipeline drying, pipeline connector, pipeline appurtenant works, health, safety and environment, and handing over and acceptance of engineering.

1.0.4 The technical disclosure and on-site stake delivery shall be conducted before the construction; the completion data shall be prepared in time during the construction.

1.0.5 The construction enterprises shall organize the construction in accordance with the requirements of the design document, establish the quality management system and prepare reasonable quality planning to ensure engineering quality.

1.0.6 The enterprises undertaking long-distance oil and gas pipeline engineering must has the construction enterprise qualification authorized the nation or industrial authorities.

1.0.7 In addition to this code, the construction and acceptance of long-distance oil and gas pipeline engineering construction shall be in accordance with those specified in the current relevant national standards.