A Day in the Life of a

Colonial Miller

ISBN: 0-8239-6230-X

By Laurie Krebs - PowerKids Press

The Rosen Group, New York, NY (August 2003)

Book Description:

Isaac Keeler, of Ridgefield, Connecticut, was a miller. He was an important man in town because gristmills saved people from the hard work of grinding grain by hand.

The shaft was connected to gears that turned the mill stone and ground the corn into meal.
A gristmill had many levels. Corn was funneled from the top floor, to the grinding stones on the middle level, to the trough below where Isaac collected the grain and scooped it into sacks.
Dull millstones ruined good grain. It became gummy and spoiled quickly. Isaac had to keep his millstones sharp and properly "dressed".

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